Chichester Visit

Hi Folks,

I am a little overdue in posting this trip which occurred 17-19 April 2017. One reason is trying to figure what to write about that might be of interest to readers coupled with a desire not to bore people with the usual passage planning rigmarole in an area that Baybreeze often frequents – the Solent. So, in this post, I dispense with hours of departure and arrival and the need to plan passages to catch the tide and allow for tidal gates. Hence, a short post (completed mainly for the record)!

My guests on this sail were Mark Harrod and Rene Wackrow, two former work colleagues. Having left a little late in the day, we headed for a mooring buoy in the Beaulieu River arriving by mid-afternoon where we stayed overnight until departing  the next day at around 10am to head east with the tide.

My guests, Mark Harrod wearing a lovely hat (actually, the radar dome in the background) and Rene Wackrow waving. Blue skies!












As we past the easternmost part of the Isle of Wight and whilst close to high water, rather than head back west, we decided to head for Chichester Harbour to explore for the first time a nice anchorage within shown on the charts. A lovely spot it turned out to be!

After a two hour lunch break while at anchor, we then started making our way back again to the mooring buoy in the Beaulieu River for another overnight stay before heading back the Baybreeze’s berth at Shamrock Quay.

Solent fishing boat.


Shamrock Quay – Beaulieu River – Chichester Harbour track (17-19 April 2017).

The weather throughout was beautifully sunny, at worst partially cloudy. Total distance: 71 nm; engine hours: 6.2.

Next post: I report on my part in the ARC Portugal Rally commencing Sunday 4 June when I join Heinz and Barbara as crew on their 12m 46-year-old Dufour ketch (in-boom furling!) for the first leg from Plymouth to Baiona, Spain covering a distance of 550 nm across the Bay of Biscay.