General Checklist for Routine Use of Yacht

Engine Systems

  • Inspect and clean raw water intake strainer, if necessary
  • Inspect remote fuel filter/separator for accumulation of water and/or dirt and drain or clean as necessary
  • Check coolant level
  • Check oil pressure warning lamp function
  • Check charge lamp function
  • Check for seawater discharge and check exhaust gas condition
  • Inspect engine and transmission oil levels


  • Bilge dry and pumps operating properly
  • Steering mechanism operating properly
  • Shift/throttle controls operating properly
  • Visual inspection of spars and rigging

Semi-Annual Inspection

Spas, Rig and Sails

  • Inspect all rigging, deck fitting for cracks, deterioration, kinks or any unusual conditions. Repair or replace if required
  • Lightly lubricate sheaves in blocks

Engine Systems

  • Check all hose clamps, cable straps, mounting bolts for tightness
  • Check propeller shaft seal
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Check all fasteners on the drivetrain for tightness and that no lubricant is leaking
  • Inspect prop, shaft, nuts and cotters
  • Inspect zinc
  • Protect all electrical connections with WD-40, LPS-1, dielectric silicone grease, or similar lubricant


  • Inspect bolt assemblies for tightness, lubrication, oil bearing areas, check adjustment of quadrant, grease mating areas, oil support bearing, oil shaft bearings on each side of pinion gear.


  • Check all water hoses for cracking, loose fittings, etc.
  • Flush holding tank vent hose with clean water to prevent clogging
  • Check all bilges and pumps for correct function

Annual Inspection

Spars, Rig and Sails

  • Recaulk chainplates and covers if necessary
  • Secure turnbuckles, clevis and cotter pins – protect with tape as needed
  • Tune (or retune) rigging – check tension with Loos gauge
  • Coat rigging with corrosion inhibiting liquid
  • Strip down, clean and lubricate winches

Engine Systems

  • Replace engine mounted fuel filter and remote filter/separator element
  • Check prop shaft seal for loose fasteners and leaks


  • Lubricate heads – see manufacturer information
  • Check all hose clamps for tightness

Source: Island Packet 380 Owners Manual