• VHF/DSC fixed radio Ofcom licenced.
  • VHF/DSC hand-held radio Ofcom licenced.
  • AIS transponder.
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB). McMurdo Smartfind G5 GPS, a floating, immersion/manually activated SOLAS-approved transmitting on 406MHz and 121.5MHz,  registered with the Maritime & CoastGuard Agency (MCA).
  • PLB Personal Locator Beacon. Orolia Fastfind 220, registered with the MCA.
  • McMurdo Smartfind S20 AIS MOB device. TX-ID:972128735. S/N:218735. Battery expiry:02/2023.
  • YellowBrick YB3 Satellite Tracker.
  • Passive radar reflector.
  • Echomax Dual-Band Radar Target Enhancer.
  • Liferaft – “ISO Standard 9650” Type 1 Group A with service Pack 1  equivalent made up of service Pack 2 (<24 hours) and a grab bag.
  • Flares: Coastal Pack 2 X 60 second Orange hand smokes, 2 X 60 second Red 15,000 candela hand flares, 2 X 40 second Red 30,000 candela parachute flares that fire to 300 metres, up to 30 miles visibility.
  • Plastimo Quick-Launch 4 Step Safety Ladder
  • Jackstays
Chain markings: