We’re Off!

We are presently at Queen Anne’s Battery Marina in Plymouth ready for a Saturday midnight departure in a couple of hours time. The eight day GRIB weather forecast shows this to be close to the best opportunity as the winds will ease a little from a force 5 and veer to a north-west or northerly direction. The plan is to make it to The Lizard by about noon on Sunday in time to catch the strong west-going mid-channel tide. The journey from Plymouth to the Lizard should take about 10 hours, hence the very early departure. On this leg, tides are less vigorous as we will be in a bay and close to the coast.

From the Lizard to the Azores, rather than a direct route to the Azores, we plan to head further to the west initially for the first 350 nm making haste to the 200 m depth contour and then head directly for the Azores. This will avoid some rougher weather that will be impinging nearer the Portuguese coast. This is confirmed by Sailgrib route optimization software. If the GRIB forecasts are correct we should have quite a pleasant ride over the 7-11 day journey with winds mainly on the stern quarter and no tacking against headwinds! While at sea, we will no longer have access to GRIB weather forecasts but will use an SSB radio to receive weather faxes to monitor the weather patterns and to alter course if necessary in order to avoid an uncomfortable ride.

Everything is ship-shape with the help of a very able, competent and enthusiastic crew. Our position will be logged every 12 hours and can be followed on Baybreeze’s main page which. Here’s hoping for a very safe and pleasant journey with air winds and sunny skies!